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No One Wants to be that Stinky Person

No One Wants to be that Stinky Person



Do you remember puberty?

Lots of good and bad memories for sure.

One of the tough ones for many people was realizing that they stink; armpits, groin & yikes FEET !

Your sweat glands become much more active than they were when you were younger. When your sweat comes into contact with bacteria on your skin, it cause – body odor.  Personal hygiene is not only a source of comfort and well being for each individual, but a way to feel good in social situations.

As we age, there are new changes to the skin and new potential body odor. The natural antioxidant protection from our skin diminishes. As such, lipid (fatty) acids from our sebaceous glands are oxidized more easily, producing Noneal,or aging odor.

As in puberty; there are hormonal changes with aging and menopause. It’s not a matter of hygiene or lifestyle. It’s simple biology. 

While soap and water can remove traditional sweat-based body odor, they cannot eliminate Noneal, since it’s oil-based. For centuries, the Japanese have used persimmon extract as a natural deodorizer – the natural tannin in the fruit dissolves Noneal , much the same way lemon juice knocks out a fishy smell. 

Mirai Clinical has developed beautiful products that are natural and great for all skin types. They get you clean and take care of the fatty acid buildup that can cause Noneal.


Kim McLeod


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