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Integration of Generations: The Treasured Grandchild-Grandparent Relationship

Integration of Generations: The Treasured Grandchild-Grandparent Relationship

The increasing average life expectancy that our world is seeing thanks to medical advances has led to an increase in time that generations are coexisting. Simply put, more people are living at the same time as their grandparents for longer periods of time! This is why it is good news for all of us...

A study by Boston College published in The Gerontologist in 2016 found that close relationships between adult grandchildren and their grandparents led to reduced depressive symptoms in both groups. 

Spending time with grandparents can help develop emotional intelligence in young children as it is an additional example, other than their parents, of emotional expression, interaction and love from people they trust.

The generational gap between grandparents and grandchildren offers the opportunity for a  symbiotic relationship to develop. Grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren, especially in today’s society are exposed to technology and other innovations that they may  not otherwise be aware of, or have access to. This helps keep the older generation up to date with current trends, ideas and modern technology. So grandkids, teach your Granddad how to Face Time you when you are on holiday or your Grandma how to look up recipes online using her iPad!

In return grandchildren learn a great deal from the first-hand historical perspective their grandparents have to offer, which can only enhance the younger generations appreciation and understanding of the past. Grandparents, show your grandchildren those photographs of your first day at school and wedding day or play them your favorite song from your childhood!

The more integration between generations the better and the more exposure to things past and present will undoubtedly benefit both generations.

Haven’t visited or called your grandparents in a while? Do it now. We may have been afforded the luxury of more time with our grandparents than ever before but time doesn’t last forever, so treasure the time with them as much and as often as you can!

Zoe Gibney

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