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Imagine a New Old Age

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Imagine a New Old Age

I have the cover from the January 2017 Athleta catalog above my desk. There is a picture of Tao Porchon-Lynch on the cover. A quote  emblazoned across her photo and in the right hand corner her age 98. Here is what really inspired me about this picture - she is doing a yoga pose called Tolasana. Which in sanskrit means "poising one's self". 

Poise -  in lotus position while lifting your body off the floor, just hovering there. Tao is 98 YEARS OLD!  Let me repeat that in case you missed it - Tao is 98 years old and listing herself off the ground in lotus position. Strong! In a interview in Shape magazine,( Link to full article below) Tao said - "I credit my active life, enjoying little luxuries I love, as well as my mindset, for my energy and happiness. What you put in your mind materializes, and I don't put age and decay in my mind. I always look for the good and my next adventure." 

I believe aging should be aspirational. Not just longevity, but healthy, happy engaged longevity. Tao is still teaching yoga and even after three hip replacements took up ballroom dancing. A 98 year old poster child for what aging can be!

Kim McLeod

for Chestnut Street. Com

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