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Spring Weather Indoors & Out Can be Challenging

Spring Weather Indoors & Out Can be Challenging

Yesterday here in New England, we had a sunny warm day, a gloomy chilly day, a sudden downpour, a rise in heat and humidity as the sun broke through the clouds and finally a massive window shaking thunderstorm!

This is normal spring-weather these days, wide temperature swings within a few hours. And that is outdoors - inside it can be almost as bad some places still think the heat should be cranked up even when the outside temperature is approaching 70 degrees. Or, and harder to escape, are all the over-air-conditioned public spaces. 

This makes our cape the perfect one piece for transitional weather. 

Our cape features no buttons, zippers, or snaps. Can be worn many different ways! Expanded arm openings make dressing easy.  Great for anyone with limited mobility. If you use a wheelchair you'll appreciate the extra length in the back for comfort and coverage. 



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