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Question Mark - Retirement ?

Question Mark - Retirement ?


noun: retirement; plural noun: retirements

the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work. 

Ceasing to work, completely, is happening for fewer and fewer people. Lots of us will continue to work purely out of financial necessity, whether our work is satisfying or not. For others, those lucky enough to be heathy and energetic at the age when retirement is expected. retirement is being reimagined as reinvention. And what is that age now?

What should it be? 

Is this retirement or reinvention? Is this by choice or the demands of one’s personal finances, ambitions, passions or simply the value of a purposeful life? 

So many questions and ones we are fortunate to have to ponder and try to answer as individuals.

Ever since I was given Norton Juster’s book So Sweet to Labor about rural women and their relationship to their work; I have wondered how many people actually feel it is in any way “sweet” to labor?  We value work, we celebrate achievement … but lots of us live our whole life waiting for a kind of “get out of jail free” card. 

According to study by Merrill Lynch

92%  experience more freedom and flexibility in retirement. 

Your best life is ahead of you. And don't expect to fall back on the status quo. 66% of retirees prefer trying new things in retirement.

 I suggest that your best life is NOW!  Celebrate this weekend by ceasing to labor if only for one day and don't hesitate trying something new! 

Happy Labor Day 2017

 Kim McLeod

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