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Planned Parent Parentinghood Part II

Planned Parent Parentinghood Part II

The AARP Guide Prepare to Care emphasizes the importance of Forming a team. This is absolutely essential and I would add ever changing. We don't all have extra family members nearby who can help. You can reach out to friends, colleagues, organizations as well as social services near you. When you do you will be pleased to find that there is support for you the caregiver as well as the family member or friend you are caring for!

As you begin the caregiving journey remember to" respect your loved one's wishes".  Every part of these conversations can be difficult. Taking it slowly and always have the participation of the person who will be being cared for, even if they are memory impaired, involve them as much as possible. 

And then there are the Financial considerations. This can be an even higher hurdle than health care and living choices. Privacy and pride are important factors in any conversation about someone's personal finances. There is no real way to make a plan without knowing the budgetary limits as well as the individual's level of needed care. 

For our family it has meant so much to find the right independent living situation, one that can change as my father's needs change. As with the early years of childhood, the late years of adulthood "it takes a village". 

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