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Finally, a word (I hope) we can all accept that distinguishes without stigmatizing those of us who can no longer be considered young.

Thanks to Maureen Conners,  "a fascinating woman who works in fashion technology, an emerging longevity industry (that is, a business providing the needs of older people, including education, travel, and entertainment). She uses the word “perennials” to refer to older customers." 

Finding a word that embodies what I have always felt aging should be: aspirational.

 We know we have to eat well, sleep well, exercise, be surrounded by friends and loved ones, perhaps have a dollop of good genes to get the privilege of aging well. Knowing it is possible to reach this part of life with vitality and joy can make the challenges of aging easier to accept.  

There is life and forward motion in this word. It includes the promise of blossoming in the sun.

And more good news for perennials:

John Leland is about to publish his book “Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons From a Year Among the Oldest Old” — will be published on Jan. 23 This book is based on his series in the New York Times "Want to be Happy? Think Like an Old Person".  Find out how spending time with older people brought a middle-aged reporter more joy and hope and changed his outlook on life profoundly.

Truly, Old News is Good News!

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