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One Good Choice - Use Less

One Good Choice - Use Less

It's daunting!

How can you be a good citizen, not just of your community, but of our planet? Googling a few of the nagging questions: which is better paper napkins or cloth (which have to be washed)? Which is better to fly or drive? Which is better paper or plastic shopping bags? Which is a better choice plastic wrap or aluminum foil? etc. etc. 

There are no good or easy answers. Though on the surface it may appear obvious which is preferable: the truth is often indecipherable. What is good for one aspect of the environment is damaging to another, what saves resources on one end of the manufacturing and use chain, destroys vital resources on the other end.   

The simplest and possibly the best answer we have for now is just: USE LESS.

Replace single-use items with durable goods. This means you have to do a little advanced planning. Carry your shopping bags, your water bottle, and your coffee cup. Think about the way you buy and store your food. Invest in long-lasting items rather than taking the to-go cup, the plastic shopping bag or buying a (disposable Ha - it never goes away) plastic water bottle. 

On July 9th, Kristen Hartke wrote a perspective piece for the Washington Post titled,

"How to break your plastic, foil and paper addiction in the Kitchen" in it she writes: "According to marine research organization Algalita, Americans throw out 185 pounds of plastic per person each year, and National Geographic reported in 2017 that just 9 percent of all plastic worldwide is recycled... According to a study published last year in the journal Science Advances, about 60 percent of all plastic that has been produced since the 1950s is sitting in landfills around the world, noting that “none of the mass-produced plastics biodegrade in a meaningful way.”

She goes on to have several great suggestions about how to make two changes that will produce less waste. 

They are two of the great products we sell: 

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