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June 15, 2018 WEAAD

June 15, 2018 WEAAD

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - WEEAD is tomorrow. It is hard and horrible to recognize that according to the United Nations 

  • Around 1 in 6 older people experienced some form of abuse in the past year.
  • Rates of abuse may be higher for older people living in institutions than in the community.
  • Elder abuse can lead to serious physical injuries and long-term psychological consequences.
  • Elder abuse is predicted to increase as many countries are experiencing rapidly ageing populations.
  • The global population of people aged 60 years and older will more than double, from 900 million in 2015 to about 2 billion in 2050.

The abuse can take many forms physical, financial, psychological.  Worldwide we are undergoing unprecedented demographic changes. Estimates indicate that by 2050, the global population of people above the age of 60 will exceed the number of younger people. It is time to recognize the problems and challenges of our aging population. Research has shown that elder abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation is one of the biggest issues facing seniors around the world. World Health Organization data indicates that 4 to 6 percent of older people suffer from some form of abuse, most of which goes unreported.

The purpose of the WEAAD is to shine a light on this problem, encouraging countries to create policies that foster respect for elders and provide them with the tools to continue to be productive citizens. No small task.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive or exploitative situation reach out to Elder Abuse. Org

Their mission is to support and protect victims of elder abuse,  strengthening communities and enabling research, working to end the exploitation, neglect, and mistreatment of older people and build a fairer society.


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