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Elder Orphans | Build Community & Connection

Elder Orphans | Build Community &  Connection

There are plenty aspects of aging that present challenges and there is no doubt that some of those challenges become greater if one lives alone.

An elder orphan has been defined as  someone with no children, spouse or companion to rely on. There are more then 13 million older Americans living alone. The majority of whom are women, 9.2 million, vs. 4.1 million men.

Carol Marak ,elder orphan advocate, columnist and editor at has created a Facebook Group to help people aging alone. She says; "Each person joined for different reasons, but primarily to find community, connection and support — my particular motives for starting the group. Here, we talk about what’s on our minds and state our doubts."

The Elder Orphan Facebook Group is open to "individuals over 55 who live without the help of a spouse, partner, and children. If you feel you're aging alone, with little support, you belong."

This creation of community and belonging is essential to one's health and well being as you age.  

This is the best possible use of social media to create support where there would otherwise be none. To give voice to those who might be quietly struggling alone. A virtual place of comfort and consideration. 


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