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Rediscovering community in the COVID-19 era

Rediscovering community in the COVID-19 era

2020 has been one of the most challenging years we have experienced in over a century. We, as a global community, have faced multiple challenges this year but nothing compared to the health crisis we are living through. The world has been disrupted because of COVID 19. We have lost far too many people to this terrible virus.  The economic and social impact of the pandemic on families has been profound.  However, in the midst of this crisis, we have also found each other, we have redefined community, and we have come to more fundamentally appreciate that it takes a village to move forward. As winter approaches and cases of the coronavirus rise dramatically, we need to prepare for a few tough months ahead. Let’s do it together, as a community.

Episodes of kindness around the world often bring me to tears, but they also give me hope that as a community we are stronger than ever. One of my favorite places to learn about some of those acts of kindness is  SGN with John Kransinski. At the beginning of the pandemic, Actor John Krasinski, known for his starring in “The Office” created a YouTube series, “Some Good News.”   Krasinski spotlights uplifting responses to the pandemic. You can check out some of the episodes here. 

Some of those acts of kindness came from children who have learned to embrace and accept our new normal. We can learn so much from the simplicity of them and look to them as role models during these challenging times.  UNICEF published a book called “You are my Hero” that showcases real examples.  It helps children understand the pandemic and, importantly, brings to light the fact that we can all be heroes during this time. I invite you to take a look at the book and to share it with a special little one in your life. Perhaps, you can read it to your grandchildren over Zoom or the phone tonight. Here is a great tool that could help with reading:  Copper Neck Magnifier, a perfect looking glass for anyone who needs to look closer. This slim magnifier provides three times magnification and can be worn around your neck. To find other great products check out

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