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Celebrate International Women's Day with Care

Celebrate International Women's Day with Care

Women are the primary caregivers both unpaid and professional for aging parents. In her piece for Carolyn Rosenblatt  RN, Elder Law Attorney, Healthy aging and protecting our elders,, states;

On International Women’s Day let’s turn our attention to how inequality in families affects women in their role as caregivers for aging loved ones right here at home. We can change this, just as we are changing the way women are treated in the workplace. To get there, we must stand up and speak up. It's time."

 The time is long overdue. Statically it almost always falls to the women in the family to care for the very young and the very old. In both cases this removes women from school and the work force at critical moments in their lives and careers.  As we say "Times Up" for pay inequity and sexual harassment, let's also say "Time's Up" for assuming that women will always be the caregivers, the one's to leave work, to take part- time work to loose pay because they are responsible the needs of others.

The image that accompanies this blog is a Google Doodle by Francesca Sanna. I wanted to share it, a multi- racial, multi generational, image of support!







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