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California Typewriter (the movie) or Everything Might be New Again

California Typewriter (the movie) or Everything Might be New Again

In the lyrics of the song

I Might Fall in Love with You Again  Writers: Carole Bayer Sager, Peter Woolnough Allen wrote:

Don't throw the past away

You might need it some rainy day

Dreams can come true again

When everything old is new again

Not quite literally true, but there is a renewed reverence for some old things, and renewed ways of seeing or using them. 

In the new documentary California Typewriter  you get to spend time in the wonderful Berkley California shop California Typewriter opened in 1981 by  Herbert L. Permillion III, who worked for IBM for 20 years, and run with the help of his two daughters and repairman Ken Alexander ever since. 

We meet avid typewriter lovers, collectors and aficionados including Tom Hanks and John Mayer, David McCullough and the late Sam Shepard.

McCullough makes a point I have often pondered that without "visual proof of revisions, corrections, and changes"  we're losing so much of what we value when we examine the creative process. Will biographers and historians have any lush material for their work when it is being recovered from a hard drive? 

This delightful film is bittersweet as California Typewriter, the shop, is one of the few remaining places to maintain or buy restored machines. The sweet part is how some of those old machines are being used. 

 Filmmaker Doug Nichol presents us with artists who collect beloved old typewriters to create their work. And introduces us to artist Jeremy Mayer whose magnificent work is created by disassembling machines to make sculptures exclusively from dismantled  typewriter parts. 

 This documentary is for everyone. Especially, for those of us lucky enough to have learned to type on a typewriter - remember, the sound, the feel, the movement, the connection. 

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