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Age Agnostic, Age Neutral, Ageless Design

Age Agnostic, Age Neutral, Ageless Design

               Whatever you call it more and more large well established companies are realizing that targeting one age group over another limits their reach and potential sales.

In his March 2016 article for Marketing Week Steve Hemsley sited designer Will Mitchell who said:

“A product built initially for a particular age or group can be a product for everyone if it is well designed and good quality,” he says. “The marketing challenge is to avoid the stigma products can attract if they are perceived to have been designed for a certain age or group.”

Will's Company 4C Design developed the award-winning S’up spoon, It allows the user to tip food into their mouth. The spoon has a hollow handle and a deeper bowl then a regular spoon which holds contents more securely and helps reduce spills. The S'up spoon was originally designed for people with cerebral palsy, but has proven a boon to anyone with tremor or reduce hand dexterity. 

“We designed the spoon to look good, so its aesthetic appeal as well as its usability benefits mean there is no stigma,” says Mitchell. “The S’up spoon is made from polypropylene with design cues to help as many people as possible. It has been designed to be complementary to the dinner table at home or in restaurants.”

Aging should not limit or be a  barrier to good quality well made products.  This is life improved by design. 

 Kim McLeod

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