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Made by Radius

Toothbrush The Tour Travel Brush

$ 5.99

The ultimate travel toothbrush
The Tour™ Travel Toothbrush gives you the same deep clean you’ve come to expect from RADIUS®, but with unique hide-away functionality that allows you to remove and store the brush head.

With the sanitary “Jack-Knife” design there is no extra travel case required. After you’ve used your toothbrush, stash the replaceable head safely inside the hollow handle.
Eco-Friendly Handle & Bristles
The Tour handle is made from 100% wood-based bio-plastic — the same stuff used for the RADIUS Original Toothbrush — and the bristles are vegetable-derived, making them environmentally sound.
Removable & Replaceable Brush Head
When you’re done with one of the fan-bristled, gum-stimulating heads, you can simply swap it for another — reducing waste and saving you from having to buy a whole new toothbrush.



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