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Mirai- Body Beauty Gift Box

$ 42.00

The perfect body beauty gift box. Includes: 

PURIFYING & DEODORIZING BODY SPRITZER-Conveniently packaged in a portable pen sized spray tube this spritzer combines persimmon extract, green tea and astaxanthin extending the effectiveness of the persimmon extract to keep you fresh all day long.

PURIFYING BODY & DEODORIZING BODY WASH 10 OZ.-This body wash containing persimmon extract eliminates troublesome body odors including Noneal (aging odor) while being free of harmful chemicals, sulfates, synthetic detergents foaming agents, preservatives and coloring. Light natural citrus scent.

DEODORIZING PERSIMMON SOAP-This long lasting soap gently eliminates troublesome body odors, originating from menopause,and Noneal - aging order. There are two sources of body order: sweat, which is water based and can easily be removed by soap and water; and sebaceous glands which produce fatty acids that oxidize with the oxygen in the air, and are transformed into an organic compound called Nonenal. 

 WHALE NAIL BRUSH-A whimsical whale to keep your nails clean and fresh, Lovingly shaped out of natural wood, this cute cetacean will brighten up any bathroom, Measures 6cm (2.5") long, Great gifts, easy to use as it is small in shape for the hands.



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