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At Home - AromaFork

Molecule-R Gastronomy


$ 58.95
Aroma R-Evolution AromaFork
The AROMAFORK and its set of 21 aromas offer a fascinating olfactive experience that will trick your mind and forever change how you perceive flavors.

Explore the sense of smell's role in taste. While our taste buds only recognize five primary tastes, our nose does the rest of the job, able to distinguish subtle flavors in their aromas.

Twenty-four oil essences of basil, banana, ginger, and more can be dropped individually on the fork's absorbent scent pad. Once you lift the fork to eat your food, the scent hits the back of your throat just as the food is entering it, tricking your mind into tasting the combination of the food you are eating and the aroma. Fun and helpful for anyone whose sense of smell or taste is impaired. The perfect gift for those who enjoy a new culinary adventure. 



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